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What is Coinbits?

Coinbits, Inc. is a U.S.-based company founded in 2017 that builds technology to help people benefit from bitcoin. Coinbits App is a website that enables consumers to acquire bitcoin and integrate it into their personal finances. Coinbits Reserve focuses on individuals and trusts who want to acquire large amounts of bitcoin.

We believe that bitcoin's role as a store of value is its most powerful use case for most people today. That's why Coinbits focuses on helping you save in bitcoin. Our bitcoin saving features include Round Ups, Instant Buys, and Saving Habits, allowing you to acquire bitcoin in different ways.

You may also Cash Out (sell) your bitcoin for U.S. dollars at any time. Any time, you may send your bitcoin out of Coinbits and into a bitcoin wallet of your choosing.

Our team is constantly innovating to find new ways for individuals and institutions to thrive in the upcoming Bitcoin Era.

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Updated on:
September 19, 2022