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The Bitcoin IRA

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Retire with bitcoin

The Bitcoin IRA from Coinbits is the best way to use bitcoin to prepare for retirement. Low fees, high-touch support – Everything you already love about Coinbits, now for retirement.

IRA rollover

Roll over existing retirement accounts

It's like finding piles of bitcoin you already own. Consolidate your retirement accounts and build a bitcoin nest egg.

Why would you want bitcoin for retirement?

An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, lets you save for retirement with tax-advantaged growth. As it turns out, bitcoin is a powerful tool for retirement planning.

Secure bitcoin

Protect yourself from irresponsible money manipulation

With its fixed supply, bitcoin protects you from long-term debasement of fiat currency. While fiat currency issuers can print all the money they want, nobody can make more bitcoin. That means savings in bitcoin can never be diluted by inflationary monetary policy.

Bitcoin graph

Hold for the long term to decrease volatility risk

Volatility risk is the risk that you'll need to convert your bitcoin to U.S. dollars during a time when bitcoin's price is low. This is less of a problem for retirement accounts, because bitcoin is typically held in them for many years.

Diverse portfolio

Diversify your retirement portfolio

Bitcoin has appreciated remarkably in the few years since it was invented. If current adoption trends continue, demand will intensify while supply stays fixed. Diversifying a portfolio with bitcoin exposes it to potential upside while distributing risk with a different asset type.


Create a tax shelter for exponential returns

Capital gains taxes are not applied to assets sold within an IRA. If bitcoin continues to appreciate at the rate it has over the past decade, holding it in an IRA until retirement could provide a shelter from an immense tax liability.

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