What are your fees?

Note: On November 20th, we are temporarily waiving fees for Round Ups and Cash Out. For a limited time, buying bitcoin with Round Ups is free, and using Cash Out to convert your bitcoin to fiat is also free.

Our fees are straightforward:

  • 1% to convert between fiat and bitcoin
  • 1% for instant settlement
  • Free to send bitcoin out of your Coinbits account

Here is how that breaks down per feature:

  • Round Ups and Saving Habits do not settle instantly. They incur only a 1% conversion fee.
  • Buy Bitcoin does settle instantly, so it incurs a 1% conversion fee and 1% instant settlement fee, which adds up to 2% total.
  • Cash Out does not settle instantly, so it incurs only a 1% conversion fee.
  • Send Bitcoin is free.
Updated on:
November 20, 2022