Send Bitcoin

You can withdraw your bitcoin by sending it to an external wallet you control using Send Bitcoin.

How to Send Bitcoin

First, enable two-step authentication if you have not yet done so. To set this up, go to the Settings page, then choose Privacy & Security and follow the steps.

Next, navigate to the Send Bitcoin page. On desktop, it can be found in the Move Money menu. On mobile, it can be accessed by the green shortcut buttons on the dashboard.

Enter the amount of bitcoin you'd like to send.

Enter the bitcoin address to which you want to withdraw. We recommend copying and pasting the bitcoin address.

Choose "Continue"

Review the information, and if it looks good, check the box to acknowledge you’ve reviewed it and click "Send Bitcoin."

Enter the two-step authentication code from your authenticator app.

When will I receive my bitcoin after sending it?

Once you place a request to send your bitcoin, it will usually take less than an hour to arrive. In some cases, it could take about one business day.

Updated on:
March 10, 2024