Our values

At Coinbits, our values guide our decisions every day.

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We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity in business, relationships, and life.

We are loyal to each other and those we meet who tell the truth.

We shun posturing, virtue signaling, and shenanigans, which are low-grade substitutes for authenticity.

We believe bitcoin is a vessel of truth, because it is immutable and decentralized. For this reason, we use bitcoin to live the value of truth. But we are answerable to truth even above bitcoin.

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We are bitcoiners. Bitcoiners use bitcoin.

By relying on our own experience to provide feedback about the systems we build, we create a powerful business advantage.

While we avoid hyperbole, we believe that bitcoin holds unique potential to positively transform the world.

We are not shy to express our conviction. When we do, we create the opportunity for others to learn, which strengthens the bitcoin network and creates a virtuous cycle.

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We choose a path that lets our decisions depend on our values instead of the values of overseers.

Because we have a shared understanding of our mission, we are independently empowered to make decisions to achieve it.

By creating value for customers, we secure financial success, which in turns sustains our independence.



In our role helping bitcoin become money, we expect pain and we embrace it. We accept that growth does not come without challenge, and we trust the process.

We are more capable than we know. We aim high and trust ourselves. We build trust among the Coinbits team by being accountable to each other and meeting our commitments.

Much has been said about bitcoin's ability to work in a low-trust environment. But there is a human layer of the bitcoin stack, and it runs on trust. We are building out this layer and the tools we use to do that are transparency, empathy, and respect.


In uncharted territory, creativity is an asset, and experimentation holds the key to success.

Bitcoin pushes the boundaries of possibility. We wouldn't be here if we weren't captivated by the frontier. We maintain a sense of joy and adventure when faced with the unknown.

We see bitcoin not as an end in itself but as a chance to increase the sum total of love and generosity in the world – and we have the audacity to take that chance.

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We are all in an unfinished state of mind-expansion and identity-building. Learning never stops.

We view feedback as a gift that helps us improve, not as a challenge to our egos.

While we like to have fun, we strive to live and work with poise.

We cultivate a habit of living and working with intention, and we hold ourselves to high standards of excellence.

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Coinbits is made up of developers, designers, and financial experts who are passionate about bitcoin. If you're interested in being part of the team, we'd love to hear from you.

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