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The first guide of its kind, the Bitcoin Index ranks all 50 U.S. states using nine indicators to help you determine which places are the most pro-bitcoin.

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The Bitcoin Index

Among the many considerations that go in to choosing to live in one place over another, money is a key factor. The way people’s personal financial situations are affected by the local economy and tax regime is a strong predictor of whether a location experiences inflows, or out-flows, of population. In aggregate, Americans are “voting with their feet,” moving from economically stagnant states with high taxes and high cost of living, to locales that allow them to keep more of their own money and build wealth.

Bitcoiners believe long-term trends favor economies that are more closely intertwined with bitcoin. However, it isn’t always easy to know which surveys, statistics, and studies are most relevant to bitcoiners. The Bitcoin Index combines several data sources into four top-level categories, which are themselves combinations of sub-categories. They all roll up to a single score for each state that conveys its stance toward bitcoin, in what Coinbits calls the Bitcoin Index.

Cost of Living

Understanding the cost of living in each state is a key step in determining the best place to reside. Cost of Living is estimated using a composite of tax burden, electricity costs, and housing costs.

Tax Burden  |  0 to 10 points
Electricity Costs  |  0 to 5 points
Housing Costs  |  0 to 10 points

Business Friendliness

Business Friendliness, which is a composite of right-to-work laws, general business climate, and fiscal stability, gives a well-rounded view of what both entrepreneurs and employees can expect to encounter in a business context. 

Right-to-Work  |  0 or 5 points
Business Climate  |  0 to 10 points
Fiscal Stability  |  0 to 10 points

Monetary Freedom

State governments can deeply affect people’s lives according to whether they curtail or preserve monetary freedom. How a state’s regulatory atmosphere treats money and finance is likely to carry over into the viability and profitability of bitcoin-related businesses.

Money Transmitter Licensing  |  0, 7.5, or 15 points
Mining Regulations  |  –10, 0, or 10 points

Proactive Positioning

Proactive Positioning encapsulates the nuances that might not be covered in straightforward metrics like cost of living or existing regulations. It provides insight into how a state’s bitcoin friendliness will trend over time, even when other factors are about equal.

Proactive Positioning  |  0, 12.5, or 25 points

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