How to withdraw bitcoin from Coinbits

You can send your bitcoin from your Coinbits account to an external wallet you control. We encourage you to self-custody your bitcoin, and we are here to help if needed.

How to use Send Bitcoin

First, enable two-factor authentication in Settings by clicking Privacy & Security (if you haven't done so already).

Next, in the sidebar, click Send Bitcoin.

Enter the amount of bitcoin you’d like to send. You can send any amount less than or equal to the amount displayed next to “Available to Send”, and greater than the minimum amount per transaction, which is 0.000005 bitcoin (500 sats).

Enter the invoice address where you wish to send your bitcoin. We recommend copying and pasting your invoice address.

Review the information, and if it looks good, check the box to acknowledge you’ve reviewed it and click “Send Bitcoin”.

Enter the 2-factor authentication code from your authenticator app.

Important: You will receive two emails. The first email is a “request received” email from us. The second email is a disbursement confirmation from our banking partner, Prime Trust. For your bitcoin withdrawal to occur, you will need to click on the verification link in the email from Prime Trust.

Updated on:
November 20, 2022