Buy Instantly

What is Buy Instantly?

Buy Instantly is a feature that allows you to lock in the price of a one-time bitcoin purchase using the current spot price of bitcoin. We make this possible by paying you an advance out of a separate fund used only for this type of transaction. Funds are then debited from your payment method. This transaction can take a few days to clear.

Is there a limit to how much I can purchase using Buy Instantly?

Your daily purchase limit depends on your history with us, and generally increases over time.

If the cash transfer from your payment method fails to clear, we will debit the purchased bitcoin from your Coinbits account.

When can I cash out or withdraw bitcoin purchased using Buy Instantly?

Bitcoin is locked in your account for ten business days (or fourteen regular days), during which time you cannot cash out or withdraw it. This limitation helps prevent fraud and keep our fees low. After this locking period, you can cash out or withdraw your bitcoin.

Updated on:
August 1, 2022